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Money Back Guarantee Policy


One of the core principles of our custom writing community is customer satisfaction. Nearly all customers who make use of services at SleekWriters.info are pleased with our service. Therefore, they rarely request refunds, but there are times when a customer really feels that they need to be refunded. Most companies offering custom academic writing services lack a reliable Money-Back Guarantee Policy even if they promise refunds. SleekWriters.info has a transparent and concise policy to enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of its customers. This policy lays down clear guidelines outlining the circumstances and situations applicable to SleekWriters.info. These guidelines must be satisfied before a refund can be issued. Our policy has two major parts:

  1. Before the preview version of the order is approved
  2. After the order has been approved

Before the Order is Approved

For the customer to be eligible for a 100% refund, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The customer wants to cancel an order that has just been placed, and a writer has not yet been assigned to work on it.
  2. The customer made a payment error. This includes, but is not limited to, erroneously paying for two or more similar orders and paying twice for the same order.
  3. An appropriate writer to work on your paper cannot be found.
  4. The order has not been delivered to the customer within the specified deadline, and it is no longer needed. The customer receives a full refund in such a case, but they do not get the paper. The customer is also required not to use any of the order’s documents that were earlier sent to them. It is important to note that this does not apply to late revisions.

The customer is eligible for a 70% refund if:

  1. They cancel an order that a writer is already working on, and less than half the time needed to work on it (deadline) has elapsed. In such a case, the customer cannot receive a 100% refund as a writer is already working on the order, and payment should be made for the work they have already done.

The customer is eligible for a 50% refund if:

  1. The customer cancels an order that a writer is already working on, and more than half the time needed to work on it (deadline) has elapsed.
  2. If there is no suitable writer to revise your paper.

The customer is eligible for a varying percentage refund if:

  1. The paper was delivered to the customer after the deadline, but they still want it. In such a case, you can lodge a refund claim citing lateness. A new price is set for late delivery depending on the actual time the customer received the paper. The eligible refund is calculated by getting the difference between the original price paid for the paper and the new price that has been set. For example, you may have paid $100 for a paper to be delivered in 2 days, but in a highly unlikely event, you may receive it after 2 days and 10 hours. Suppose the price of the same order with a deadline of 2 days and 10 hours is $90, then the customer can get a $10 refund, which is equal to $100-$90.
  2. The customer believes that the delivered paper is substandard or unsatisfactory. In such a rare and unfortunate event, you may ask that the paper be revised free of charge or request another writer to work on the order. The customer can also ask our customer support staff to place the order on ‘Dispute’ status. To do this, simply sign in to your account, open the particular order you wish to set on dispute status, and write a simple comment to our support team. For instance, you can write, “I ask that this order be set on Dispute.” After the order has been set on ‘Dispute’, the customer can ask for a refund, but they must note the following:
    • Strong and sincere reasons are required to support your dispute.
    • Time will be needed to resolve the dispute. The customer care representatives may be required to send the paper to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD), get in touch with the writer, and/or request additional sources to validate your claim. All these activities are time-consuming.
    • Refunds on disputed orders are variable, and there is no fixed percentage refund for a disputed order. Each case is analyzed and resolved individually, and the percentage refund is determined after thorough scrutiny.
    • If the customer is required to provide additional materials and/or information to assist in resolving the dispute and they do not provide them within 2 weeks (14 days) after a request for such documents is first made, the dispute resolution process is halted without the possibility of a refund.

After the Order has Been Approved

It is important for the customer to note that when a preview version of the paper is delivered to their order page and the order’s status changes to ‘Delivered,’ they have a maximum of 2 weeks (14 days) to go through the paper and either accept (approve) it or ask for it be revised. If the customer does not approve or ask for a revision within 14 days, the order’s status will automatically change to ‘Approved’. After the paper has been approved, the customer can download the final paper and edit, copy, print, or use it appropriately.

The customer can ask for unlimited revisions. Nevertheless, once the customer clicks on the ‘Approve’ button on the order page, it will be assumed that they have seen, read, and understood the contents of the preview version of their paper. When a customer approves a paper, they confirm that they are satisfied with the paper’s quality, and they have no more complaints. One cannot be refunded after they have approved an order. However, they have a further 7 days to ask for a revision.

We urge our esteemed clients not to approve an order before carefully analyzing its preview version and confirming that the quality of the paper is acceptable and satisfactory. If you face problems downloading or examining the preview version, do not hesitate to contact our support team members to get another version of the preview.

It is important to note that when a client receives a 100% refund on an order, they lose the right to use the paper and any other resources that may have been sent to them on the order page, via email, or through any other means by our customer care representatives or writers. SleekWriters.info retains copyright to such papers and resources and reserves the right to utilize them in any manner it considers appropriate. Further, please note that such papers and resources are usually published on our site as sample papers, which means that any check by anti-plagiarism software will return a 100% plagiarism report pointing to this site.