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In a bid to keep our clients fully contented, we have adopted a revision policy that allows you to ask for as many revisions of your paper as possible till you are satisfied with the quality of the final paper. The revision, however, shouldn’t include new requirements or instructions. If your revision instructions compel the writer to perform extra tasks other than the ones stipulated in your initial requirements, we will request you to pay an additional fee that is commensurate with the difficulty of these new tasks. Our customer support agents are always at hand to calculate any additional payment arising from new or altered requirements. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with them should you feel compelled to include new requirements in your order.

To request a revision of your order, please click on the ‘Request Revision’ button on your order page. All revisions must be requested by clicking on the aforementioned button. This button is always accessible on delivered orders (those whose status is ‘Delivered’) for a maximum of 2 weeks (14 days) after delivery. During this time, you can approve your order or ask for a revision of your custom paper. However, failure to approve the order or request for a revision within this time will lead to automatic approval of the order by the system. Once the order is approved (either by you or the system), the button will still be available for one week, giving you 7 additional days to request a revision of your paper. After the 7 days have elapsed, any revision on the order will have to be requested by placing a new order.

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